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The story of CMJ is one of men and women who, because of an understanding of God’s
covenant faithfulness, have served the Jewish people during the last two hundred years.

“Following the French Revolution many Christians in Britain and Ireland sensed they were entering into a significant period of world history. Many believed that Jesus’ return was imminent, but that before His return they would need to take the message of His Kingdom to all the nations.

Then in the wake of Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt and palestine in 1798, which stirred interest in the Jewish people’s physical return to the land of Israel, numerous Christians also saw the need to take the message of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah back to the Jewish people. Joseph Frey.​

This was the environment in London which a young German Jewish believer in jesus named Joseph Frey discovered when he arrived there in 1801. Frey very quickly saw the need to proclaim the message of Jesus to his own people in squalid London.

Eight years later, in 1809, through his inspiration, the “London Society for Promoting Christianity amongs the Jews” was birthed (today Church’s Ministry among Jewish People, or CMJ).

Within a few years leading British statesmen and Christians such as William Wilberforce, Lewis Way, Charles Simeon and later Lord Shaftesbury were actively involved as leaders and spokesmen of this organisation.

In time CMJ took this message from London, into all of Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, Persia, Abyssinia and numerous other locations.”

…Excerpted from “Restoring Israel – 200 years of the CMJ story” by Kelvin Crombie


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