The Destiny Of Australia.

And to this great Southland....

And to this great Southland….

How many of you know that May 14th was a kairos time for the Body of Messiah – especially for us here in Australia? There was an alignment of anniversaries:

  1. The day on which the Portuguese explorer Pedro De Quiros proclaimed the land to be “Austrialia del Espiritu Santo” (the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit) in 1606;
  2. Pentecost 2013 – the birthday of the Christian Church;
  3. The declaration of the State of Israel in 1948.

How appropriate that:

  1. This should be the appointed time for the apostle George Markakis to visit an Aboriginal ley-line – Kangaroo Island – and, with the agreement of the Adelaide House of Prayer, declare it to be a portal for the presence of God.
  2. During the same season, we are hosting a visit from Palestinian Christian Tass Saada and Israeli believer Christine Sakakibara to manifest the ‘one new man’ of Ephesians 2:15. This national tour is a testimony as to where Australians can find true peace.
  3. That, at the beginning of the 20th century, Smith Wigglesworth prophesied about Australia’s mighty revival and how God will use Australia to impact the nations.

This understanding of the times in Australia is to be seen in the context of our being in the year 5773 in the Hebrew calendar. For the past 12 & a half years, the Body has been keeping Teshuvah (repentance) during the 40 days leading to Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). That means that this will be the 13th year. By the same token, Pastor Daniel Nalliah‘s national prayer movement will have completed 13 years of intercession by September of this year. Did you know that, in the battle of Jericho, the priests went around the city 6 + 7 = 13 times before the walls came down? First, the warriors, then the priests, then the bearers of the ark (the Lord’s presence) and finally the rear guard.

Our PM Julia Gillard  has chosen September 14th as election day for our Federal Government. This just happens to coincide with this year’s Day of Atonement. Could it be that we are seeing the nation of Australia on the threshold of fulfilling its prophetic destiny? If so, those of us who claim allegiance to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob must be like the men of Issachar ie have an understanding of the times & know what to do. Sure, the battle is the Lord’s but how would the children of Israel have entered the promised land if Joshua had not received specific instructions from the Lord of Hosts and done exactly what they were told. Let’s agree for it to be this way with us.