Prayer Tour Update 2

After some of us took a tour to the Aegina Island on Saturday 20th, we made our way to Parliament House – opposite the square where all the violent protests have been held. Given that democracy was being shaken to its very roots causing some Greeks to resort to anarchy, we prayed for the people both of Greece and of Australia to have a hunger for the form of government revealed in the scriptures by the kingdom of Israel; in other words, for the laws of man to be replaced by the Law of God.

Athena (wisdom) & Apollo (music & light)

Just nearby were 3 buildings of the University of Athens – the Academy, the University and the Library. Pastor George told us that, during the past year, the authorities had lost control in protecting these beautiful buildings and they have been taken over by drug dealers and junkies. The symbols depicted here such as the triangle on top of pillars and the owl are to be found in many Western institutions such as the American flag and the dollar bill.  We saw statues of Socrates and Plato. Behind and above them stood the gods Apollo and Athena (see above). This graphic picture represents the fact that the philosophers who made such a far-reaching contribution to the world of ideals through The Republic, for instance, drew their inspiration from the power of these spirits. We pulled down the strongholds associated with these manifestations of the kingdom of darkness replacing them with the wisdom from above which comes from the dove (Holy Spirit). The manifestation of such lawlessness in the birthplace of democratic law was seen as being a sign of the tsunami of lawlessness on the face of the earth at this time.

The next day – Sunday – we travelled to the archaeological site of Corinth – Paul’s home church.  The curse which Paul placed on the Jewish people in Acts 18:6 may well have been the first principle when it came to the wild branches being severed from the natural  roots of the olive. A Messianic member of the group gave a number of Christian believers holy hugs as an act of reconciliation to undo this original dissociation in the one new man (see below)…

One new man

Some of the group went on to climb the acropolis towering over Corinth to ‘tread down’ the mountain peak where the temple dedicated to Aphrodite once stood. Several prophetic acts were carried out on this high place with a view to repenting on behalf of both genders for the fruit of this spirit in the sexual impurity and immorality which abounds in Australia (& elsewhere). Those present entered into a time of deep repentance in that place which is a global gateway for the filth of all kinds of abominations – including homosexuality, pornography and abortion. Such false intimacy was renounced in favour of the true intimacy to be found within the sanctity of the marriage covenant.

Monday found us in yet one more birthplace  – this time, of the Olympic Games – Ancient Olympia. The Olympics is the largest gathering in the world for a single cause – world peace and harmony- represented by music & light. As beautiful as these values appear on the face of it, the spirit behind them was discerned as being the same one as that which inspired the Tower of Babel. We were challenged to “come out from her My people lest we share in her sins and receive of her plagues” (Revelations 18:4).  Another location of significance was the place where the Olympic flame was lit by priestesses for Hera (the goddess religion) before being taken to the temple of Zeus. Is this a picture of the false bride / Church as & when she comes to maturity at some stage in the future?

From Olympia, we drove to Dion the next day. Here, we visited the archaeological site which houses the third Temple of Olympian Zeus. This is the northern apex of the triangle, the other 2 points of which are at the Temple of Zeus in Athens and at Olympia. Pastor George’s wife Evi was told that the Lord wanted to use an ‘axe’ to cut down the tree of Babylon in slices. The word which came to us was: “You are the Anz-axe which He Has brought from the ends of the earth for this purpose”.

This rhema word seems an appropriate note on which to end our overview of the Greek leg of our tour as we prepare to fly to Israel on the evening of Thursday 25 October. There, we are to be joined by an additional person, bringing the total number on tour to 24. The next update will therefore be from the Land.

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  1. Hope you are all having a wonderful trip, please pass onto Janet and Rose we are thinking of them on their adventures.

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