Martin, Makor Ha Tikvah’s Cookie and CMJ Canada’s Sharon

Martin, Makor Ha Tikvah's Cookie and CMJ Canada's Sharon

What an amazing work of faith this Hebrew-medium school is. It may yet become the first Messianic institution to be recognised by the State of Israel. Should you wish to support it,
Donations Made by Israeli
Name: Amutat Shemen Sasson
Bank: Leumi (#10)
Branch: King George ST. (#902)
Account Number: 2991656
Iban: i104 0109 0200 0000 2991
Donations by credit card can be made
through PayPal on our website:
Direct bank transfers
Bank Leumi le Israel
Account name:
Israel Trust Makor HaTikvah
Account number: 219700/89
Bank sort code: 10-920
Tax deductible donations
through CMJ / USA
Earmark check for:
Makor HaTikvah
Address: CMJ USA
PO Box 443
Ambridge, PA 15003
**Tax deduction only applies
to U.S. residents. Donations by Mail
82 HaNeviim Street
POBox 2793 Jerusalem, 91027