Our prayer tour to Greece and Israel starts next week. There are 23 people going. We desire to accomplish the mission we believe God has given us to intercede regarding the Greek mindset which has so infiltrated the church, our society and Western culture and drawn us away from Hebraic thinking. Here is a word we have received from the Pastor who will be hosting us in Greece.

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The month of October is a critical window of time for the Promises of God to overcome the resistance of the forces of darkness, penetrate the earthly realm, and, be borne into our lives.

Darkness has been spreading globally; this is not a matter of local issues. Death and Devastation are being prepared in the headquarters of hell and hades, as Satan knows that his days are few and is preparing for a major push forward to resist the plans of God, trample Truth underfoot, and change the times and the Law.

Devastation is on the way for the whole of Europe, as the agents of Darkness plot and strategise behind closed curtains how to enforce their rule on the world. The agenda is far greater than what we can imagine. The hidden alliances are far more extended than what appearances and political agendas reveal.

‘But I will frustrate the plans of the enemy’, says the Lord of Hosts, ‘if you, my People listen to my Voice, and respond to my Call, arise and stand as watchmen on the walls of your lives, families, ministries, cities, regions, nations…’.

This is not a time to sleep; this is a time to stay alert and watch at all times, for the thief is about to break out during a time of darkness to steal, to kill, to destroy!  This is a time to stay alert, and watch together with Jesus, as He prays on our behalf that we may be found approved and worthy to inherit the promises. If we stay alert we shall not be overcome, but we shall break through! And… we shall be able to say, as David said “the Lord broke through my enemies, like water breaks through, by my hand!” and I would add “as we hold the Sword of the Spirit in our hands!”

Shalom! George E Markakis & Evi

Agree with us for all members to have safety, health & guidance. Also, for Jill, Martin & George to have wisdom in leading the group and relating to other pastors we shall be meeting in Israel. May His presence go before us (Exodus 33:13-19).


  1. Hi there, Denise here and I am really getting excited about being part of the intercessors team in Greece and Israel! Only 2 more sleeps! Looking forard to meeting up with the other 22. Thanks for this blog site – it will be a great way for my family and friends to folloe what is happening! Thanks for setting it up!

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