Statement on Israel & the Palestinians

CMJ Israel


CMJ was founded in 1809 by Evangelical Christians who believed that the Christian gospel, which came from a Jewish context, should be shared with Jewish people as a priority. Its original name: “The London Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews,” though couched in unhelpful terminology, was intended to describe this purpose.  The Society also reached out to Jewish people in compassion, providing hospitals, schools, job creation and training for the unemployed as well as teaching and worship in Hebrew.

CMJ believes that the term “Restoration” when applied to the Jewish people is primarily restoration to their Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus the Christ; and secondarily restoration to a safe homeland after 2000 years of persecution. Furthermore, the focus of New Testament eschatology (the doctrine of the end times) is on Jesus and holy living, rather than land. However, the question of what the Ministry thinks about the State of Israel and its relationship to the Palestinians is important – hence this statement.


1. CMJ encourages the Church to express sorrow and regret before God for the dreadful history of Christian anti-Semitism and to renounce all anti-Semitic attitudes. At the same time it encourages the Church to renounce any negative or uncaring attitudes towards Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular.

2. CMJ believes that God has neither finally rejected the Jewish people nor replaced or superseded them by the church. A “remnant” of Jewish Believers has always been included in the church. But what of the majority? Paul teaches that God has a special purpose to bring them to faith in Christ. He writes: “Did God reject his people? By no means”. He adds: “Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all”. Paul foretells a future blessing for them, and through them for the world, which he variously describes as “their fullness”, “their acceptance” which will be “life from the dead”. He concludes: “Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of Gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved…” Romans 11:1, 11-15, 25,26).

3. CMJ rejoices in the growing number of Jewish Believers in Jesus, in Israel and throughout the world.

4. CMJ believes that both Jewish and Gentile believers (including our Palestinian brothers and sisters) are united in the one “olive tree”. In fact, Jesus has made Jew and Gentile.  This Statement was unanimously agreed by the CMJ Council on 22 July 2004, having previously been approved by Jewish believers one “and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, by abolishing in his flesh the law with its commandments and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new man out of the two, thus making peace, and in this one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hostility”. Jews and Gentiles alike are reconciled to God through the cross and “both have access to the Father by one Spirit”. Gentiles are “fellow-citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household …. a holy temple in the Lord … in which God lives by his Spirit” (Eph 2:14-22). There is therefore “neither Jew nor Greek” in terms of standing before God (Gal 3:28). So Jewish (Messianic) Believers in Jesus are not spiritually superior to Gentile Believers.

5. CMJ has never limited its ministry in an exclusive way to Jewish people, nor does it wish to do so. The primary purpose of the Ministry is to share the love of Jesus with the Jewish people, but it also works for reconciliation between all people (especially between Israeli Jewish Believers and Israeli Arabs, between Israelis and Palestinian; Jewish people and Gentiles) because that is a demand which comes from the heart of the Gospel, for God loves all people equally. This means that he loves the Israelis and the Palestinians equally. God’s purpose in creating one new man out of Jew and Gentile is part of his greater purpose through Christ to reconcile to himself all things (Eph 2:15-16; Col 1:20).

6. CMJ does not adopt a position on any particular millennial view, but it has always seen the return of the Jewish people to their ancient land, and on a national scale to their Messiah, as a precursor to the return of Jesus in glory.

7. CMJ rejoices in God’s faithfulness to the Jewish people in ensuring their survival as a distinct people during 2000 years of exile and persecution.

8. CMJ rejoices that, after 2000 years of exile and persecution, including the Holocaust, the Jewish people now, at last, have returned to the land from which the majority were dispersed in AD70, although there has virtually always been a Jewish presence in the land. The Ministry affirms: “We see the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel as a sign of God’s faithfulness as revealed in Scripture”. Many members of the Ministry see the return of the Jewish people to the land as the beginning of a fulfillment of covenant promises to them in Scripture. However, it must be remembered that Israel is a secular state which is no more religious than Britain.

9. CMJ recognizes that the State of Israel was set up as a result of a majority vote of the United Nations in 1947 that a Jewish state should be established within Mandatory Palestine and regrets the Arab rejection of this decision.

10. CMJ recognizes the tragic displacement of many Palestinian people, with all its attendant pain and deprivation, which resulted from the re-establishment of the State of Israel and the subsequent attack on the new state by the surrounding countries. It also recognizes the similar displacement of Jewish people from Arab nations.

11. CMJ understands the determination of the Israeli Jews to preserve the Jewish state, to avoid a return to being persecuted and abused by anti –Semites throughout the world. However the Ministry does not hold any official position as to the appropriate location of the borders of the state.

12. CMJ believes it has a particular calling to show the love of Messiah to Jewish people everywhere. But the Ministry takes the same critical approach to some policies and actions of the State of Israel as it would over any secular state.

13. CMJ affirms that God is a God of justice and peace, and that he desires justice and peace for all people groups.

14. CMJ affirms that God is a God of compassion. We should show that compassion to all innocent sufferers, whether Israeli or Palestinian. The Ministry recognizes that the Israelis, after 2000 years of anti-Semitism, face a resurgence of anti-Semitism, a military threat from various nations, Palestinian terrorism and a threat to the stability of their safe homeland through demographic factors. It also recognizes that many Palestinians have lost their ancestral homes and continue to experience military occupation. Sometimes they suffer unjustified oppression, humiliation, violence and the destruction of their homes. They also experience economic disaster and lack of infrastructure, partly through Israeli policies and partly through the failures of the Palestinian Authority.

15. CMJ deplores the resurgence of anti-Semitism throughout the world, especially in Western Europe, including the UK, which takes the form of verbal and physical attacks on Jewish people, attacks on synagogues, schools, cemeteries and memorials, a revival of the world Jewish conspiracy theories, including broadcasting of the (fictional) “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and even a resurrection of the old blood libel, accusing Jews of ritual murders. The Ministry has always sought to stand with the Jewish people against such evils.


CMJ commits itself to move beyond the present debate amongst Christians, which is often characterized by sterile polarization and inflammatory words, to show understanding and tolerance and to focus on reconciliation, justice and peace for both Israelis and Palestinians. It appeals to mission agencies and the wider church to cooperate in this. CMJ recognizes the great complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute but believes that the power of God is infinitely greater than this complexity and that we should pray for his sovereign purposes to prevail.

In the midst of increasing conflict…

We are seeing true peace between Sabra & Palestinian found in Yeshua ha Mashiach

The only hope for Israel

Did you know that the key legal and financial consultant for CMJ israel is an Arab man?

Did you know that CMJ Israel sponsors a kindergarten school in a predominantly Muslim area without compromising the gospel?

Did you know that CMJ Israel hosted a ‘Crossroads conference’ earlier this year for Muslim background followers of Jesus from various Middle Eastern countries to meet with their Messianic Jewish and Christian counterparts in the Old City of Jerusalem at Christ Church, the oldest Protestant Church in the Middle East. Although similar conferences have been held over the years in the Middle East, this is the first time such a gathering has been held in Israel.

At the Crossroads convened in the context of Isaiah’s vision of a highway that will run from Egypt and Israel to Assyria – a model of worship and partnership for Christians across the region that will lead to the Middle East becoming a “blessing on the earth.”

More than seventy delegates came from Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Palestinian Authority, Cyprus, Armenia, Turkey, Europe and North America. Worshiping and praying together in Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Hebrew, and hearing testimonies about the blessings and challenges of following Jesus in our region were among the highlights of the conference.

This is not the false peace offered by those who would divide up the Land or by syncretistic religion; it is the true  peace which comes from being in right relationship with our Jewish Messiah and which alone can break down the wall between Jew & Gentile to create the  ‘one new man’. (Ephesians 2:15) Talk about prayer assignments…

No sooner the word..

Under fire from the enemies of Israel

“We do not wrestle against flesh & blood but against prinicpalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12). This is the object lesson, intercessors!

Kelvin’s question to us all is….

Does our generation have what it took 70 years ago to stop a possible holocaust / genocide in our day?

Kelvin addressing the House of Lords UK

Kelvin with Viscount & Lady Tessa Montgomery

“I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they shall never hold their peace day or night…and they shall give him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem as a praise in all the earth” (Isaiah 62: 6,7)

History can be shaped through prayer & fasting.

Tour Sequel

The following article & photo appeared in the Israeli press towards the end of our tour…

“Martin Weatherston is leading a group of Australian
tourists to Israel who were at Beit Eshel for the ceremony: ‘The ANZAC story
has inspired the Australian connection with Israel. This is the second time
I’ve come here for this event, and it is certainly the highlight of our
visit.’ Denise Musgrave proudly displayed military badges on her lapel: ‘My
grandfather fought here, these were his badges. He probably stood right
where I am standing now. I knew him very well, but he never spoke about his
military history. I am very proud to be here today.’

Linda Rodgers, Barry Rodger’s daughter, was one of the riders: ‘We do reenactments of this battle and others in Australia all the time, but it’s very special to do it here in
Israel, at the site where it actually took place. We also visited the
Memorial for the Australian Soldier and the ANZAC military cemetery. It’s
been a fabulous and very moving visit.’

Four tour members stayed on the Jerusalem at the end of the tour – Diane, Cynthia, Robin and myself. See below for a photo shoot outside Christ Church in the Jaffa Gate.

The remnant

On Tuesday 6 November, we were able to attend the launch of Kelvin Crombie’s latest book – El Alamein- Halting a Possible Holocaust in the Middle East. This release marked the 70th anniversary of this decisive victory over the German campaign in North Africa. In doing the research for this publication, Kelvin had found plenty of anecdotal evidence that, had Rommel broken through at El Alemain, things would not have gone well for the Jewish people in the British Mandate of Palestine. For example, 96% of the 56,000 Jews in Thessalonica under comparable circumstances were taken to Auschwitz. (We had visited the monument to this tragic event there on tour). Thanks to 2 German scholars, Kelvin was able to present primary evidence from Nazi archives in his book that the Einsatz Command (ie death squad) would have followed Rommel’s army into North Africa and on into Palestine. The fact that intercessors were praying for this situation in those days was noted by Kelvin. Recognition of the role played by the 8th army to avert this threat  was found in the Hebrew & English words inscribed by those who were leaders of Jewish people at that time & place in a bible presented to express their thanks to Lord Montgomery: “G-d has placed salvation in Zion.” (This bible was on display in a wooden box at the launch destined for subsequent presentation to the House of Lords in the UK).

Kelvin’s latest

Kelvin went on to contemporize the moral of this story to the present day situation in which the storm clouds are gathering over Israel once again in our generation. This interpretation was validated by the Director of the Jewish Centre for Genocide Prevention – Dr Eli Richter – who confirmed how powerless they felt at that time 70 years ago. He said, and I quote: “ El Alemain showed the rational pursuit of a demonic agenda”. The ideology might have changed over the past 70 years but the principalities and powers behind them are still alive today.


Final Update 5

The last leg of our prayer walk took us up to Jerusalem full of gladness on the first day of November. This joy was expressed by some of us as we walked the seemingly endless Hezekiah’s tunnel singing songs of praise. It sounded so good that a stranger following us recorded the sound! Spurred on by this, we went from strength to strength in another ‘echo-chamber’ (not the first one we found) singing in tongues with ‘angelic backing’ – in the church of St Anne’s which is well known for its ecoustics. Once again, this drew positive comment from a number of others visiting at the same time.

On Friday the 2nd, we visited the Temple Institute where we discovered the reported reason for the third temple not having been built. They are waiting for the ark of the covenant to be excavated and also for the red heifer to be genetically engineered so that the cleansing required of the High Priest etc can take place. One can’t help but wonder if the Messiah will solve this problem for them through another temple made of living stones by G-d Himself.

Next stop was the Western Wall. After paying our respects by gender, our guide led us into the tunnel which has been excavated from this famous site down to the bedrock at the Via Dolorosa. Just at the point which would have been the nearest to the original holy place on the Temple Mount above was a group of Jewish women travailing before the Lord – some in tears. As in the natural, so in the spiritual: this was a graphic picture to us of the intercessors in the church who go to the secret closet instead of the place where they can be seen by men (Matthew 6:5). That evening, we were blessed to receive a visit from an Ethiopian pastor Tal and from worship leaders Roy and Mary Kendall. As Tal shared his testimony, we realised that he was an answer to the prayers we prayed and funds we gave to Operation Exodus back in 1991! This joyful surprise was capped by the ministry in song, dance, testimony & teaching from the Kendalls. Space does not permit much detail about this; suffice it to say that we were inspired by the way in which simple obedience of faith has led to this couple being used in the highest courts of the Land. To illustrate, the Lord provided them with a 7 foot grand piano on making aliyah to Jerusalem 24 years ago – complete with harp inside. They wondered why the Lord had led them to establish a School of Worship in this part of Jerusalem until they asked Jill (who was assisting them at the time) what she thought. She pointed out that this was the location where David’s harp is commemorated. Their testimony? “The harp is back!”

Our first port of call on Shabbat was the Garden Tomb where we had a personal guide in the person of fellow- Aussie Fraser Harding. Imagine our surprise when we were joined by the Lighthorse tour (again)! The Lord had over-ruled their inflexible program to have them there at the same time as us. Just as the Lord had promised, the leaven was working in the lump. In this very special place & time – as we broke bread – the Lord provided fresh revelation on the Hebraic versus Greek mindset. Specifically, that the Greeks taught that the earth was a springboard to heaven; the Hebrews, that heaven was a springboard to earth. The return of the Jewish people to Israel, the recovery of Hebrew roots to the Church: these are all part of G-d’s plan not to destroy the earth by fire (instead of water) but to fill it with His glory instead. It will take the full cooperation of the soon & coming King together with human vessels such as the ‘Anz-axe’ from the ends of the earth – duly glorified – to fell the tree of Babylon (the fruit of Greek thinking once & for all).

From there, we went on to pray a-top the annointed Jerusalem House of Prayer for all Nations where the Lord led us in a time of deep repentance for the nations of Australia & New Zealand once again. Finally – appropriately so – we interceded at the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) for the Lord to be Israel’s defence in the face of the impossible odds she faces at this time.

If you are wondering why there are no photo’s in this particular update, it is because they are on my mobile which was pick-pocketed outside the House of Prayer! Taking place as it did on the last day of our tour, it brought us full circle to the handbag theft which happened on the first day in Athens. What can I say? We must have done somthing good….

Update 4

It was a short distance from the baptismal site of Yardenit to Semach for the unveiling of a plaque donated by the Light Horse Association (below). Walking into the gathering of Aussies, Kiwis and Israelis was almost like attending a fellowship meeting! The Australian Light Horse tour led by Barry Rodgers were there with their horses in full regalia. One of the highlights of this event was an ex-Australian singer Kent Paisley who performed first Waltzing Matilda and later True Blue for the assembled audience. This somehow captured the Anzac spirit in the midst of the formal proceedings to honour the supreme sacrifice paid by 17 Light Horsemen in September 1917. With an idyllic view of the Sea of Galilee behind him, Kent  asked us if we liked his back yard! His parting shot was: “See you after for a beer”.  In the event, the ceremony did not conclude with drinks but with the last post, a minutes silence followed by the Reveille or Rouse signifying a new day. What better confirmation could you have for those in our group who had just emerged from the waters of baptism.

Semach plaque

Legend has it that the young Anzacs  yielded up the badges on their hats to the Israeli children clamouring for them. History repeated itself as Denise let this generation have the little koalas she had attached to the Australian hat she was wearing to this event.

The next day, we followed the Jordan to the Dead Sea visiting Jericho, Qumeran , Ein Gedi and Massada on the way.  In the evening, we were invited by Barry Rodgers to hear a synopsis of the Battle of Beersheva by Kelvin Crombie in anticipation of the next 2 days’ events (below). He reminded us that, within as little as 30 minutes of the successful charge, the Balfour declaration was signed in London. It took both of these events to pave the way for the modern State of Israel to be established.  This presentation  was followed by powerful testimonies from the Director of Shoresh Tours – Yoel Seton and his wife Laura.

Kelvin’s orientation

On Tuesday 30 October, we visited the Negev women’s shelter en route to the Lighthorse diplay which had been set up by the Tourism Director at the mosque in Beersheva. This exhibition had some great original photos and sketches from the current year all the way back to 1900 – including the last re-enactment in 2007. The text on which it was based came from Genesis 21 where we read of the covenant between Abraham and Abimelech. This was the only successful covenant made between a Jew and a Gentile before Christ.

Our prophetic banners

After exploring Tel Sheva and Chauvel Hill in the afternoon to orientate ourselves for the next day’s anniversary celebrations, we received a presentation from the staff of Hope for Sderot – a ministry to those injured by Kassam rockets.  The story of this ministry told on page 14 of the Jewish Prayer Focus had inspired more giving in Australia than any of the other ministries covered by this publication enabling Jill to bless them with a much-needed love-gift.

Wednesday 31st brought us to the climax of our tour – the commemorations at the Park of the Australian Soldier, the Cemetry Service and the Turkish Railway Station culminating in the re-enactment of the charge on location. The poignancy of these events was heightened by the fact that, at the 11th hour, the Australian Ambassador had withdrawn for security reasons. This caused the local authority to cancel its arrangements too! The gap was taken by a strong turn-out of Australians, New Zealanders and local residents (including young Israelis). It provided the opportunity for which we had been praying to comfort the inhabitants of Eretz Israel with our presence and to show our solidarity in their hour of need. The interactions between the visitors and the locals of all ages would have gladdened the hearts of those fallen soldiers. A new generation of Israelis was enabled to experience the empathy which has existed between Anzacs and Israeli’s ever since WW1.

The re-enactment

The cherry on the top of this blessing was the fellowship we enjoyed with Ps Howard & Randi Bass of Yeshua’s Inheritance Congregation during the course of the day together with the Bridges for Peace Tour. They brought a corrective perspective to our theme of the Greek vs Hebrew mindset by explaining that the minds of Jewish people need to be transformed just as much as those of the Greeks! On the one hand, we recognise the hand of the Lord in restoring the Jewish people to the Land of Israel beyond all shadow of doubt. On the other, we must face the fact that Jewish people are just as much in need of salvation as any other people group (Romans 1:16). It is the sovereignty of God which reconciles this apparent paradox.  Selah.